Here at Stratex, X is a promise. It’s about embracing the unknown and challenging the status quo in pursuit of innovation. As our quest guides us to develop better, more sustainable ways of protecting people and the environment, we continue to be inspired by X and what it represents.

Stratex X train

Since 2009, thousands of Australian workers have successfully completed our comprehensive spill control training program. Safety and compliance form the core of our educational offering, ensuring that employees and employers understand their duty of care obligations and how to respond in the event of an emergency spill. Stratex training programs are designed to be clear, informative, and engaging by covering exactly what you need to know. Regular training is essential for retaining knowledge and skills – make X train part of your workplace’s ongoing health, safety and environment program.

Stratex Xsite

Don’t wait for a heavy fine before you take action. We offer free environmental site assessments, available onsite or online. Our comprehensive approach involves reviewing hazardous goods storage, potential spill and site exit risks. Our specialist team of Xperts can assist with process improvement and risk mitigation so that you won’t get caught out. Try our digital X site assessment to perform your own site assessment in as little as 5 minutes*, upon completion we’ll provide you with a customised analysis and recommendations to improve environmental compliance in your workplace.

*completion times may vary

Stratex X lab

The X lab is where the magic happens at Stratex. It’s a melting pot for ideas, concepts and dreams that become reality. Many of our best innovations have been developed through the X lab, including our Spill Kit stock take, the GuardDog drain filter and the EnviroPad. We’re always looking for better ways of doing things, and we love a challenge – so if you’d like us to help solve one of yours, chat with a Stratex Xpert today.