Rapid Spill Response To Environmental Spills

You’ll never know when a spill will happen, but when it does, having a spill kit on site will help you avoid a major safety or environmental incident which could result in hefty EPA fines.

Spill kits contain everything you need to rapidly control, contain and clean up spills. Kits consist of absorbents, PPE, disposal bags and other items to help you quickly respond to a spill. Each kit is designed for different spills such as oils, fuels, solvents, acids and hazardous chemicals.

Spill kits are available in a variety of configurations to suit your needs, such as containers and bags to buckets and wheeled bins. They’re ideal for all industries, including workshops, loading docks, liquid transfer facilities and factories.

Avoid workplace slips and environmental damage from hazardous spills with a spill kit on hand.

Popular Spill Kits

Carry Bag Spill KitsStratex 30L Carry Bag Spill Kits

A portable spill kit that can be taken anywhere and is compact enough to keep in your vehicle. Available in multiple form factors, including bucket and bags, these kits are packed with absorbents to help you clean up small spills as well as PPE for safety.

Wheeled Bin Spill KitsStratex Wheelie Bin Spill Kit

Also known as wheelie bin kits, available in 60-240L sizes. These spill kits are highly manoeuvrable, making them suited to airports, boats, warehouses, service stations. Accessories such as covers are available to provide all weather protection.

Locker Spill KitsStratex Locker Spill Kits

Our largest spill kits are ideal for large facilities including mines, construction sites and ships. Selected  lockers feature wheels for portability and are constructed from weather, corrosion and chemical resistant polyethylene.

Marine Spill KitsStratex PVC Marine Spill Kit

These spill kits are designed specifically for marine environments, including marinas, bays and ships. Marine spill kits include everything you’ll need to absorb hydrocarbon spills on water. A must have if you’re working on or near an ocean, lake or river for environmental protection and compliance.

Specialised Spill KitsStratex Emergency Spill Trailer

Are you interested in an emergency spill trailer? Or perhaps you need to clean up a bio hazard, chemical or bodily fluid. We offer a wide range of specialised spill kits so that you can clean up any spills quickly and safely.

Spill Kit AccessoriesStratex PVC Marine Spill Kit

If you’re looking for a protective cover or spill kit consumables like waste disposal bags, barrier tape or a replacement wheelie bin you’ve come to the right place. We also stock spill kit and floor signage to meet your occupational health and safety (OHS) requirements.

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