Protecting workers with Safety Wear Products

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and safety clothing is one of the key measures to ensure you & your work mates get home safe and sound.

After sites are risk assessed and managed, staff are trained & equipment is adequately maintained, PPE provides the last and crucial form of protection to workers.

Compliant PPE items can protect

  • Eyes & face – safety glasses and shields
  • Ears – ear muffs & plugs
  • Hands – gloves
  • Skin – coveralls and high visibility clothing
  • Feet – safety boots
  • Respiratory – respirators

Like you, we care about keeping workers free from harm. Look for high quality, high performing PPE to ensure your work mates are protected.

Hand WearStratex Razorshield Cut Resistant Gloves

Gloves are an easy and effective form of PPE. From handling sharp objects, chemicals, rigging or welding, Stratex offers a wide selection of gloves to keep your fingers, palms and wrists safe. Try our interactive glove selector for a recommendation on the best flexifit gloves for your requirements.

Head & Face WearStratex P2 Respirators with Exhalation Valve

Respiratory system protection is vital if you work in environments with poor air quality from debris, gas, dust, asbestos or smoke. We supply half and full face respiratory masks and P2 filters. We also offer hard hats, visors, welding goggles and oxygen generating self-rescue respirators.

Eye WearStratex Fortret Safety Glasses

Eye protection must be worn when cutting, grinding or when there is a risk of debris. We supply clear, smoke and amber lens, anti-fog safety glasses & goggles. Overspecs can be worn over prescription glasses. We also offer consumables such as lens wipes and cleaners to maintain excellent vision in all working conditions.

Ear WearStratex Howard Leight Laser Lite Earplugs

Hearing protection is important in noisy workplaces. If you find yourself covering your ears, it’s a good sign you need ear plugs or earmuffs. We supply leading brand Honeywell, Howard Leight to reduce decibel levels, provide long term comfort and gentle expansion inside the ear canal.

Body WearStratex Microporous Coveralls

Protective Bodywear such as coveralls can provide protection against dry particles, asbestos fibres, liquid aerosols, sprays and splashes. We supply hi-vis workwear including safety vests, jackets, cargo pants, which can be custom embroidered with your company logo.

FootwearBlundstone 990 Elastic Sided Safety Boots

Steel toe safety boots are mandatory PPE for many workplaces. We supply waterproof boots with non-slip and chemical resistant soles. Lace up and slip on styles available in sizes from 4-13.

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