Complete Workplace Safety

Site safety comes in many forms, we offer a variety of solutions to keep your workers and the environment healthy and safe. From drain protection and silt control that keep waterways and rivers clear, to AS4775 compliant eyewash stations for emergencies we have your team covered. Stratex is a leader in supplying products to help Australian businesses achieve their WHS and HSE compliance goals. Our most popular safety products are in stock and available to buy now. Scroll down to explore our extensive range below.

Popular Safety Products

Erosion & Silt ControlStratex Premium Silt Socks are popular for erosion control and drain protection

Stratex is the expert in sediment runoff solutions that protect the environment from pollution. We supply the best quality silt socks, coir logs, silt fence, dewatering bags and concrete washout bags. We stock a wide range, ready to ship to your building construction site. Our products are supplied to Australia’s biggest infrastructure projects and trusted by industry leaders.

Drain Protection

Our drain protection solutions keep waterways and marine life safe from pollution. GuardDog Drain Filters prevent sediment and oil from entering side inlet drains. Drain protection covers can be deployed a spill emergency. Stormwater isolation devices like DrainSAFE can be used to trap rubbish and filter hydrocarbons.

Site Safety & ConsumablesFirst Aid Kits Available from Stratex

We stock a wide range of safety and consumable supplies for your workplace, from first aid to hydration and hand sanitiser. We also offer safety products to help with WorkSafe compliance including reflective triangles, barrier tape, witches hats, safety and dangerous goods signage, padlocks and MSDS document holders.

Marine Spill Control

Accidental spills on rivers, lakes and oceans require specialist equipment for containment and clean up. Stratex supplies booms and fences that deflect and contain any liquids or debris that floats on water. These can be used temporarily or permanently to aid environmental compliance. Surface skimmers are an innovative means of removing oils and floating material from tanks pits and open water.

Eyewash & Shower Stations

Emergency eyewash and safety showers must be installed within 10 metres of flammable liquid and corrosive substances storage to be compliant with Australian Standard AS3780 and AS1940. Stratex offers a variety of eyewash and shower stations as a first response for emergeny situations. These stations can be used as first aid to flush away hazardous chemicals to minimise the effects of exposure to chemical accidents. We offer both portable and fixed eye wash solutions for laboratories, mining and production facilities.

Safety Accessories

Stratex can provide all the bits and pieces to improve safety in your workplace. Use our boot dip mat for hygiene in food processing or farming. OIL SAFE pumps and drums are also available to buy online, browse our spill mats, berms, plug and seal putty to plug leaking containers, ratchet straps.

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