Fast spill response

If liquids are handled on your site, accidental spills, leaks and drips are bound to happen. To avoid injuries, costly fines and regulation breaches, ensure you have the correct absorbents to quickly clean up leaks and spills.

Absorbents are designed for spills of every kind and every size, ranging from water, oil, fuel, chemical, and coolants. No matter where the spill occurs, there is an absorbent suited for different surfaces from soil and bitumen to water.

Whether it’s a slow leak or a sudden spill, there is an absorbent designed for a range of applications, from fuel stations, vehicle accident clean-up, ships, airports, workshops, paint & ink industry, ports.

Rely on absorbents to protect your workplace and the environment from spills, leaks and drips.

General Purpose Spill AbsorbentsStratex Premium Silt Socks are popular for erosion control and drain protection

Stratex supplies a comprehensive range of super absorbent pads, rolls, cushions, socks and matting. These absorbents are ideal for soaking hazardous and non-hazardous liquid spills, leaks and drips. Use our absorbents to restock your spill kits and part of a best practice spill response and promote a safer and compliant workplace.

Oil & Fuel Spill AbsorbentsStratex Premium Silt Socks are popular for erosion control and drain protection

Oil and fuel absorbent pads are best suited to hydrocarbon spills, including fuel, diesel and solvents. These absorbents are hydrophobic, meaning they repel and float on water – ideal for use in marine environments. Use our pads, booms in spill kits and to soak up oil spills. We also supply Spilltration Husky, which can be used to absorb and filter oil from contaminated water.

Chemical AbsorbentsStratex Chemical absorbent cushions can be used to absorb and contain spills

Chemical spills can pose big risks to people, property and the environment if not quickly identified and contained. Chemical spill absorbents are yellow to aid in visibility and safety. They are recommended as best practice for unidentified liquids because they absorb all fluids, hazardous and non-hazardous.

Industrial Wipes & RagsDefendaWipes are the low-linting rag alternative that'll take whatever you can throw at them

Many smaller spills, drips and leaks can be cleaned with a heavy duty absorbent wipe. Our DefendaWipes are embossed to draw liquids from virtually any surface and maintain strength when wet. These wipers are a rag alternative that can wipe away grease from hands and hard surfaces.

Absorbent Granules & NeutralisersStratex Liquasweep X900 is granular absorbent made from fossilised sea sponges

Absorbing spills on unsealed and uneven surfaces can be difficult with traditional absorbents. Granules can form to fill imperfections in the road in hard to reach places. Stratex offers peat, coir and sponge absorbents. We also provide acid and alkali neutralisers for safe pH clean up.

Stations & DispensersDefendaWipe dispensers can be floor or wall mounted

You’ll be ready to respond to fluid spills or cleaning tasks with our high quality wipe dispensers. Strategically-placed dispensers in your workplace can help reduce wastage and manage risk. Available from Stratex to suit DefendaWipes and other cleaning rolls, in floor standing, wall and bench mount varieties.

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