Our Capability

Stratex is a leader in environmental and personal protection solutions.

Our core competency centres around our ability to understand and interpret the environmental protection and workplace health and safety regulations. This insight provides us with the capability to develop practical solutions for our partners.

Our uniqueness lies in our agility to move fast and our willingness to source bespoke solutions for our customers. We are committed to delivering high quality products through our efficient and lean operation that keeps service up and costs down.


Stratex supplies some of the world's largest mining organisations and has developed a reputation for excellence. We offer hazardous spill control and PPE products designed specifically for mining environments.
Our products are dependable and trusted by emergency responders. Stratex PPE and granular absorbents are widely used by councils, defence, fire and healthcare professionals.
Civil Construction
We help our construction clients with their environmental compliance targets. We offer solutions for erosion and sediment control, as well as the containment of machinery spills to prevent waterway contamination.
Our specialty products help contain and clean up after hydrocarbon spills on water. Some of Australia’s largest environmental incidents have called upon Stratex to help and protect our precious marine environments.
Transport & Waste Management
Stratex supports organisations in providing a safe and clean working environment. We help to manage day-to-day spill and storage requirements, ensuring that our clients are equipped for an emergency.
Oil, Gas & Utilities
Energy is the lifeblood of this country and Stratex works closely with leading providers to achieve excellence in safety. We are proud suppliers of PPE and spill absorbents to many of Australia’s leading energy providers.